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"5th All Bengal Rapid Chess Tournament for the Visually Challenged" organized by 'Voice of World'

When we play chess.....we normally focus on the chessboard, see the position of own & opponent's chess pieces and then think and plan the moves. Imagine a situation when you can neither see the chessboard nor the position of your and opponent's chess pieces..... however, you are required to play the game. Isn't it scary ? Exactly this situation prevails when the Visually Challenged play the game of Chess. This is the time when the other senses makes up for the eyesight. The touch senses do provide the relief to such Visually Challenged persons and they play the game using Tactile method. With few modifications of the board and the pieces the Visually Challenged Community do play Chess adopting Tactile method and combining that with their ability to think. Such Chess Matches are going to happen next Sunday (1st September, 2019) at 'Voice of World', Behala Sakherbazar (4, Nrisingha Dutta Road, Barisha, Kolkata -8) where the "5th All Bengal Rapid Chess Tournament for the Visually Challenged" is going to be staged by 'Voice of World' in association with 'Bengal Blind Cricket and Sports Association" from 10am to 4pm. There would be a total of about 80 Visually Challenged players, from different parts of the state, competing for the coveted Trophy. Indian Chess Icon - Grand Master Dibyendu Barua, along with other Dignitaries, would be inaugurating the Tournament at 10am on 1st September, 2019. The day long Tournament would conclude with the Award Function at about 4.30pm. Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited has agreed to join hands with 'Voice of World' in this initiative by providing financial support. Along with the Tournament an Art Gallery also would be opened for Guests. Paintings, Drawings and other Art Creations mostly by the Underprivileged Children would be on display at the Art Gallery. We request for your presence during the Tournament to witness pairs of mind playing to win the game of Chess by adopting a different method i.e the Tactile Method. Your presence would definitely motivate the Visually Challenged players to put in their best. Regards, Saibal Guha Voice of World Mob: 9830006637 Website: Please visit the Facebook page of 'Voice of World'

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