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Bhai Phota @VOW

Off late in *'Bhai Phonta'* or *'Bhai Dooj'* Festival of the affluent or middle class section of the society, apart from praying for good health and bright future for brothers by the sisters, exchange of gifts in most cases have become matter of paramount importance.

This has, to a large extent diminished the love and affection emotions and they have become back-benchers with the materialistic aspects leading the way.

However things are quite different in the case of underprivileged section of the society. Here the sisters have nothing much to offer to the brothers apart from love, affection and perhaps some sweets while praying to the Almighty for good health and bright future of the brother. The brother also exchange pleasantries and only love and affection prevails in the whole process. Materialistic desires hardly have any role to play in these cases.

The love and affection exchanged between the underprivileged brothers and sisters at *'Voice of World'* during this festival is absolutely pure and naive. The ambience becomes heavenly when the bralsrs sit in queues and the sisters puts a mark on the forehead of each brother with sandalwood paste while praying for their wellness.

Sumptuous lunch has been provided to all present at *'Voice of World'* today to celebrate *'Bhai Phonta'* which is also known as *'Bhai Dooj'*.

Today's experience at *'Voice of World'* has been magical and we believe that the world also would soon believe in the power of love and affection and give it priority over materialistic pleasures........


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