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Combination of 'Blood Donation Camp' & 'Wedding of a Underprivileged Visually Challenged Girl'

The sky was gloomy since early morning with intermittent rains but that definitely could not dampen the spirit of already charged-up underprivileged children of 'Voice of World' on 12th August, 2019 when the dual event of 'Blood Donation Camp' & 'Wedding of Underprivileged Visually Challenged Girl' brightened up the venue. Moreover, the children were so excited that virtually each of them were adorning a 1000 watt smile. The gloom of sky thus was wiped out at 'Voice of World' with bright events happening and even more brighter children all over the place. In the morning a Blood Donation Camp was organized by 'Voice of World' in association with 'AAEI, Kolkata' wherein quite a few donors were the Differently-abled persons associated with 'Voice of World'. The Blood Donation Camp in the morning and the Wedding of the Underprivileged Visually Challenged Girl combined to form the "Rakter Bandhan" (meaning - Bonding with Blood) initiative which spread a strong message to the world that while support was being taken for the Wedding, the underprivileged differently-abled beneficiaries did also return the favours by donating blood to support the society as well. While the Blood Donation was going on, the rituals for the Wedding were simultaneously taking place thus one was able to capture moments of accepting from the society and giving back favours in a single frame at the same time. This created a lot of interest and have been covered elaborately by the Electronic Media and the Press Media as well. Quite a few dignitaries graced the occasion with Hon'ble MLA - Ms. Vaishali Dalmiya & Sports Administrator - Shri Swapan Banerjee (Babun) & Former Financial Commissioner, Indian Railways - Shri Sanjoy Mookerji among the noted ones. In the morning around 200 guests visited the venue apart from the Blood Donors to motivate the donors and bless the couple. Later, throughout the day huge number of guests visited to bless the couple. In the evening the venue was dressed up beautifully with colourful lights, Sehnai music being played and quite a few Live Snacks counter set up to entertain the guests. During the evening about 450 guests visited the venue and blessed the couple. The guests were treated with refreshments from live snacks counters and also with full course dinner. Every effort was made by 'Voice of World' to make the occasion very special for the newly wed couple so that the Underprivileged Visually Challenged Girl did not feel that she has been neglected and left out by the society and rather firmly believe that she is very much part of the mainstream of the society. Social Rehabilitation is a very important initiative of 'Voice of World' and we are committed towards it.

Regards, Voice of World Family Mob: 9830006637 Website: Please visit the Facebook page of 'Voice of World'

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