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Completely Visually Challenged 'Bilwa' flying to Singapore for his maiden overseas performance

Extremely happy to share.... Taking Bilwa for his maiden International trip to Singapore. Bilwa is going to perform at the Annual Fund Raising Event - "Kahani", of United World College South East Asia, Singapore (East Campus) on 23rd January, 2020. Apart from that he is also going to perform at UWCSEA, Dover Campus & ESSEC Business School during our week long stay at Singapore. UWCSEA have been supporting 'Voice of World' for the last few years by raising funds through this event. Strongly believe Bilwa's songs and his ventriloquism skills would create an impact in that initiative. This is Voice of World's one more effort to encourage the skills of its beneficiaries by providing them suitable platforms so that they get appropriate exposure to express their skills and talents. Bilwa is bundle of talent with a high musical acumen. Trust, this exposure would do a lot of good to Bilwa's future by maturing him as an artist and also as a human being. Seeking blessings and good wishes for Bilwa from all well wishers of 'Voice of World'. Regards, Saibal Guha Voice of World Mob: +919830006637 Email: Website: Please visit Facebook page of 'Voice of World'

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