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Goddess Durga & Goddess Annapurna being worshipped at 'Voice of World' specially for the children

In Hindu mythology - Goddess Annapurna is believed to be provider of food and nourishment for the Universe. Goddess Annapurna is thus worshipped all over so that there is adequate food available for the inhabitants.

We at 'Voice of World' provide daily sustenance to about 300 underprivileged residential beneficiaries out of which most are physically challenged or orphan.

Food, shelter, education & rehabilitation is provided for them free of cost at 'Voice of World'.

We primarily depend on public charity for the services given to those children and it is a difficult proposition as the support received is quite unpredictable.

Thus along with our effort we also pray to Goddess Annapurna so that we can at least provide food to those underprivileged children uninterrupted throughout the year.

Like last year the Basanti Durga Puja is happening at 'Voice of World' from 11th to 13th April, 2019 with a lot of fervor and by following all the religious formalities.

One day during this period Goddess Durga (Maa Durga) is worshipped as Goddess Annapurna (Maa Annapurna) and that day is tomorrow, 13th April.

We seek blessings from Maa Durga and Maa Annapurna so that peace prevails on this earth and so that we can provide food to all our beneficiaries uninterrupted.

We request everyone to visit our Sakherbazar centre during the Puja days to be a part of the worship and offer their prayers.

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