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Holi Celebrations at 'Voice of World' with Colours in the morning & Egg Roll in the evening

The Festival of Colours is celebrated as "Dol Jatra" in Bengal and is observed a day prior to "Holi". This year's 'Dol Jatra' was observed today (21st March, 2019) and was celebrated in 'Voice of World' as well.

The underprivileged children of 'Voice of World' celebrated 'Dol Jatra' in their own way by playing with variety of colours, mostly in the form of Gulal (called as Aabir in Bengali).

The children started the celebrations by offering Aabir on the feet of the elders as is the custom and thereafter spread happiness by spraying colour on each other.

Sweets were distributed among the children at the end of the morning session.

However, that was not the end of the celebrations........

In the evening an Egg Roll Counter was set up for the children.

It was a major team exercise where every activity of the Roll Counter was undertaken by the inmates only right from the kneading of flour to the frying of the Egg Roll.

All the children were served adequately so that it became their food for the dinner....

Bottom line..... every effort is made to make the underprivileged children of 'Voice of World' as happy as others......

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