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Marriage of underprivileged visually challenged beneficiaries at 'Voice of World'

They say “Marriages are made in Heaven but celebrated on Earth”.

We also believe that the Marriage of Sonali & Abhijit has already been decided by the Almighty and we are just playing our part by giving it a shape so that everyone gets a chance to celebrate it.

The Wedding of Sonali & Abhijit is happening on 11th March, 2019 at the Behala Sakherbazar centre of ‘Voice of World’. Coincidentally last year also, it was on 11th March only when we arranged for the marriages of a couple of our visually challenged daughters.

Both Sonali and Abhijit are underprivileged partially visually challenged beneficiaries of ‘Voice of World’ with Sonali suffering from a medical condition called ‘Albinism’ which adds to her woes. Both of them have completed their Graduation and Abhijit is also working as a Special Educator in our Blind School.

For an underprivileged girl child – Marriage is an important step towards her Social Rehabilitation.

‘Voice of World’ is always committed to support its beneficiaries towards rehabilitation.

The Wedding of Sonali & Abhijit is thus a significant initiative of ‘Voice of World’ towards their mainstreaming in the society.

We hereby invite you all to join us for the celebrations during the Wedding Ceremony of Sonali & Abhijit at 7pm on 11th March, 2019 (Monday) at the Behala Sakherbazar Centre of ‘Voice of World’ (Address: 4, Nrisingha Dutta Road, Kolkata, 700 008).

Your presence, good wishes and blessings would definitely be an important resource for the newly wed couple to put their best foot forward in their conjugal life…………

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