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Medical Camp for the Differently-abled on 3rd February, 2019

Periodical Medical Check-up is essential for the well being of each and every person irrespective of the fact whether that person is a privileged one or not.

At 'Voice of World' it remains our endeavour to arrange periodical health check-in through Medical Camps at various of its centres throughout the year for all the underprivileged beneficiaries.

Various organizations have come forward to join hands in this effort for the benefit of the underprivileged beneficiaries of 'Voice of World'.

One such Medical Camp was organized at the Behala Sakherbazar centre of 'Voice of World' on 3rd February, 2019


Matri Shakti Trust & Rotary Club of Calcutta - Endeavour assisted us to organize the Medical Camp by arranging for Medical Practitioners, Laboratory Technicians and some medicines.

Health check-up was conducted for about 110 persons during the camp.

We thank Matri Shakti Trust & Rotary Club of Calcutta - Endeavour and the Doctors, Technicians involved for providing the philanthropic service.

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