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Medical Camp @Sunderbans

Today we had one more opportunity to serve some underprivileged persons in a village near the Sunderban.

A Medical Camp was organized today (1st December, 2018) by *'Voice of World'* in the Village of Gopalgunj, near Kaikhali (Kultali Subdivision), Dist: South 24 Parganas where close to 50 villagers were provided with free medical consultation and free medicines. 'Anubhuti Seva Kendra' provided us with medicine support for the camp. It has been one of such camps which *'Voice of World'* regularly organizes throughout the year.

Apart from that, Woolen Blankets were distributed amongst 108 poor villagers, at the venue. We, the people who reside in the cities or towns can not even imagine the scale of poverty which still exists in the interior villages of the country......... It is the *_"Joy of Giving"_* which actually provides the inspiration and impetus to the consistent philanthropic service *'Voice of World'* have been providing over the last 26 years.

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