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Pandal hopping for the kids of 'Voice of World' during the Durga Puja evenings

It is very rewarding to see the kids joyful and happy. This actually gives us immense happiness.... which no money can buy...... The kids wait for the Durga Puja when they can hop from one Puja Pandal to another and enjoy the celebrations, decoration, illumination, crowd and also the group visit. As every year, this year also the Underprivileged Children of 'Voice of World' are being taken for visit to various Durga Puja Pandals each evening during the Puja days. Till Maha Shasthi the kids also performed on stage at various Puja Pandals showcasing their cultural talents. Cladded in new garments they look like a bouquet of colourful flowers moving around from one pandal to another....spreading sweet fragrance. Having Phuchkas (golgappas) and other Fastfood has also been an integral part of the Pandal hopping...... and one should see the joy of the kids during this activity. With two more Puja nights left......... The kids would be taken to more Puja pandals where more enjoyment awaits......

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