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"Samarth" Handicraft Stalls of 'Voice of World' to sell Diyas, Candles etc. prior to Diwali

At ‘Voice of World’, as a part of our “Samarth” Initiative to Empower the Underprivileged & Differently-abled persons, we provide Training for making Handicraft Items and then organize Stalls for display & sale of these items. More than any financial gain, this activity helps to develop their self-confidence & self-esteem and in the process work towards their mainstreaming in the Society. The Pre-Diwali Stalls, under the “Samarth” Initiative of ‘Voice of World’, would be put up at various Corporate Offices and also at our Behala Sakherbazar Centre shortly, wherein Merchandise like Colourful/ Designer Diyas, Candles, Jute Bags, Key Rings, Hand-knitted Fancy Bags, Fashion Jewelleries, Home-made Chocolates would be on display & sale. The production and/or marketing of the items are efforts of the Underprivileged Beneficiaries of ‘Voice of World’, who are mostly Differently-abled. The preparedness for getting the items ready for the stalls has reached feverish pitch with the children toiling over extended hours to meet the expected demand. They want to show the world that they are as samarth (abled) as others and with a bit of opportunity they can work towards mainstreaming in the society. We request all our Well-wishers to support this “Samarth” Initiative by procuring their requirement of Diyas/ Candles/ other Handicrafts/ Chocolates from the Stalls at the following locations: 1) At ‘Voice of World’, Behala Sakherbazar – 19th October to 27th October, 2019 (Daily from 11.30 am to 8 pm) 2) At the Office of Thermax Ltd. (near Ballygunge Railway Station) – Monday 21st October, 2019 (11 am to 5pm) 3) At Hindustan Petroleum Office, Anandapur (near Fortis Hospital)– Tuesday 22nd October, 2019 (11 am to 5pm) 4) At

Tata Capital Office, Salt Lake – Wednesday 23rd October, 2019 (11 am to 5pm) 5) At DLF – I Campus, New Town – Thursday 24th October, 2019 (11 am to 5pm) 6) At PWC – SDC Office, Salt Lake Sector - V – Friday 25th October, 2019 (11 am to 5pm) The Catalogue, being sent along with this message, would help you to choose……….. The “Samarth” Initiative is an Inclusive Effort with the all the activities being performed by Challenged and so called Non-Challenged Persons, in tandem ……. and your support is required to acknowledge their effort and make it a success.

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