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"Sammilan" Inclusive Egg Roll Factory operating full steam at 'Voice of World

The "Sammilan" Inclusive Egg Roll Factory returns to 'Voice of World' on the "Vijaya Dashami Day". The production team is a true example of Inclusion with sammilan (association) of Visually Challenged - Sampa & Barsha, Orthopaedically Challenged - Sulekha and Kamala, Speech & Hearing Impaired - Khushi, Multiple Challenged - Nilima and Marginalized Orphan - Rupa. It has almost become customary at 'Voice of World' to have a feast with Egg Rolls on the Vijaya Dashami evening every year and this year was no exception. During the Durga Puja Vacation the children having families back home have gone home and one who remain in 'Voice of World' are the ones for whom 'Voice of World' is their home for all practical purposes. It remains our primary responsibility to keep their smiles intact during the festivities when every other child enjoys with their biological families...... Organizing a Dinner with Egg Roll on the house really brighten up their lives. The "Sammilan" Inclusive Egg Roll Factory of 'Voice of World' thus is an instant hit amongst the kids........

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