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Stall of 'Voice of World' in the Kolkata International Book Fair, 2019

Every year the Kolkata International Book Fair generates a huge amount of interest and excitement amongst the book-lover and knowledge-seeker community of the city. Quite a sizeable proportion of the city population eagerly waits for the Book Fair to happen every year.

More than 500 stalls get a place in the Book Fair which has a huge amount of knowledge on offer for the visitors.

This year the Kolkata International Book Fair is the 43rd edition and is being hosted at the Central Park Mela Ground, Salt Lake from 31st January to 11th February, 2019.

Like every year, 'Voice of World' is proud to be present in the Book Fair with a Stall having Braille Books, Photographic Travelogue Books, Special Education Books, Newspaper, Greeting Cards and Handicrafts on the shelves.

The stall no. is 288 and is located near the Food Park.

We request all Well Wishers to visit the 'Voice of World' stall at the Kolkata Book Fair, which would remain open every day from 1pm to 8pm till 11th February, 2019.

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