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Update about measures undertaken at the Saltighat centre during Covid-19 Lockdown

Most of you must be aware that we have brought most of the underprivileged beneficiaries to our centre at Saltighat (near Bibirhat). At present we have around 200 residents at 'Voice of World, Saltighat' including few Volunteers like us. This initiative of bringing the children to Saltighat was purely taken in an effort to isolate the whole lot from possible infections. This centre has perimeter walls around the boy's & girl's hostels. In order to protect the beneficiaries, as a precautionary measure we have put quite a few Lockdown protocols in place like

- Daily multiple times hand sanitization for all.

- No one being allowed to leave the compound except emergencies

- Person bringing daily commodities not being allowed beyond the security area

- Commodities brought are put in bright sunlight (except perishable ones) and all are being sanitized

- Two isolation rooms with stay facilities earmarked for sick persons. One each for the boy's hostel and girl's hostel

- Daily cleaning activities being undertaken for the whole premises

- A bit of Stock built-up of medicines for medical conditions like flu, diahoreea, bruises, inflammation etc.

With these small effective measures in place, till date we have been able to protect the underprivileged children from any serious infections.

Since this whole lot is staying as a family we are also being able to continue with the daily routine activities like studies, sports, dining, cleaning of premises, cooking, cultural activities, movie shows etc.

While people elsewhere are getting bored due to inactivity, we have our hands full. These activities also have kept the spirit of children high and they are enjoying their lockdown sojourn.


Saibal Guha

Voice of World

Mob: 9830006637



Please visit Facebook page of 'Voice of World'

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