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Visually Challenged students make 'Voice of World' by clearing Secondary Exams with flying colours

Eminent Theoretical Physicists, Cosmologist & Author, Stephen Hawking once said - "Disability need not be an obstacle to success".

The students of 'Voice of World' have time and again proved the quote absolutely correct by displaying their success to the world, in various aspects like education, sports, skill development, cultural aspects etc.

This year again the Underprivileged Visually Challenged Students who had appeared in the Madhyamik Examination (Secondary Examination) have made everyone of 'Voice of World' proud by passing the Board exam successfully.

Four Visually Challenged appeared in this year's examination and all of them passed with flying colours with each securing 'A' Grade. Out of the four successful students - Anjana and Alamgir are fully Visually Challenged and Biswajit & Malati are Partially Visually Challenged.

It is really a creditable performance as the education process for the Visually Challenged is quite difficult. The Visually Challenged do have to study using Braille method, Voice enabled studies and appearing in any examination is even more difficult with answering with help of writer (scribe) only. It is good to see the sincere efforts put in by 'Voice of World' in providing educational support for the differently-abled yielding desirable results.

With all those impediments prevailing, we do commend the creditable performances of Anjana, Alamgir, Biswajit and Malati...... they have conquered the disabilities with commitment and hard work.

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