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'Voice of World' organizes a 3 Day CRE Workshop on 'Gender & Disability'

Happiness and Knowledge are perhaps the only things which increases on sharing. The first one is in abundance at ‘Voice of World’ as it is continuously shared amongst the beneficiaries. The second one, which is ‘Sharing of Knowledge’ is very high on our priority. We at ‘Voice of World’ have been striving over the years to share and spread the light of knowledge amongst the underprivileged. One such effort of sharing knowledge was by organizing of a Three Day CRE (Continuous Rehabilitation Education) Workshop during the last three days from 20th – 22nd February, 2020 at our Behala Sakherbazar centre which was attended by 50 Rehabilitation Professionals and about 15 other participants. Out of the total number of participants about 20 were Visually Challenged. The Main Theme of the 3 - Day RCI Accredited Workshop was ‘Gender and Disability’ on which 13 distinguished Resource Persons delivered lectures and four of those Resources Persons are Differently-abled themselves facing the discrimination in daily life. State Commissioner – for Persons with Disabilities, Shri Debabrata Chattaraj and noted Social Activist, Shri Sreekumar Roychowdhury graced the Inaugural Function on 20th Feb’20 and Ex-Commissioner – for Persons with Disabilities, Smt. Mita Bandopadhyay and eminent Psychiatrist, Dr. Tapas Bandopadhyay graced the Valedictory Function today (22nd Feb’20). All the Plenary sessions have been very engrossing and interactive with sharing of wisdom and exchange of ideas on the theme, which is a very sensitive and relevant one in present day context. Trust, this sharing of knowledge would improve upon the resources of each participant and would also encourage them to utilize it for the benefit of the underprivileged differently-abled students.

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