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Wedding of visually challenged daughter of 'Voice of World' & Blood Donation camp on 12.8.19

सखा सप्तपदा भव ।

सखायौ सप्तपदा बभूव ।

सख्यं ते गमेयम् ।

सख्यात् ते मायोषम् ।

सख्यान्मे मयोष्ठाः ।

“You have walked seven steps with me; be my friend. We have walked seven steps together; let us be friends. Let me get your friendship. Let me not part from your friendship. May you not part from my friendship.”

This is what Madhab is going recite after walking that all important seven steps around the altar during the Marriage Ceremony of him and Sharmistha.

Our daughter, Sharmistha, though being Underprivileged and Visually Challenged - is studying Special Education in our Teacher Training College. She is an excellent dancer and exquisite chef as well and everyone at ‘Voice of World’ is proud of her attributes.

Madhab is associated with ‘Voice of World’ for more than a dozen of years as a Volunteer. He is a well-educated, dedicated volunteer and a street smart person as well.

We believe that their match has been decided by the Almighty only and we are just going to give it a start.

We at ‘Voice of World’ are going to make sure that the conjugal life of Sharmistha & Madhab takes off with a grandeur Wedding Ceremony to be held at 7 pm on 12th August, 2019 at our Behala Sakherbazar Centre.

We request you all to attend the Wedding Ceremony and bless the couple.

The Underprivileged Differently-abled beneficiaries also have taken a pledge to play a responsible role and thus would like to give back to the society whatever they have in abundance. To make this happen ‘Voice of World’ have planned for an initiative ‘Rakter Bandhan’ (meaning - A Bonding with Blood) wherein a Blood Donation Camp is going to be organized in the morning (on 12th August, 2019 from 9am onwards). The majority of the donors would be the Underprivileged Differently-abled Beneficiaries of ‘Voice of World’. The Blood Donation Camp would be organized in association with ‘Automobile Association of Eastern India’, who have been kind enough to support 'Voice of World’ in quite a few initiatives in the past.

It would be a Memorable Day, for ‘Voice of World’ and its Underprivileged Differently-abled beneficiaries, wherein the day would start with the Blood Donation Camp in the morning and conclude with the Wedding of Sharmistha & Madhab in the evening.

On the 12th of August, 2019 the Underprivileged Differently-abled Beneficiaries of ‘Voice of World’ would play their role as responsible members of the Society and thus spread a message of Social Harmony through the ‘Rakter Bandhan’ Initiative.

We solicit your presence.


Saibal Guha

Voice of World

Mob: 9830006637



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