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Exams at "Voice of World Inclusive School" - an effort to ascertain what the students know

Assessment of a student can be done in two ways - either by ascertaining what the student knows or by ascertaining what the student does not know.

At 'Voice of World Inclusive School' we do adopt the first option wherein in the Unit Test held on 21st & 22nd August, 2020 - examinations have been conducted with an effort to ascertain what the students know.

'Voice of World Inclusive School' have been running on full steam throughout this pandemic period as all the Students and most of the Teachers are residing in the Saltighat centre - where the school is run.

In our Inclusive School we call the Teachers as "Sahayogi" as we believe Teachers can only help the Students to acquire knowledge by creating a conducive ambience which creates interest and then offer the Student with a platter full of knowledge and wisdom from which one can acquire whatever one wishes.

The classes constitute of Students who are Differently-abled (and definitely underprivileged) as well as Students who are not challenged but are mandatorily underprivileged.

Each class is provided with two Sahayogis - one for the differently-abled children and the other for the normal ones but both Sahayogis are essentially Special Educators.

Each class has a maximum strength 5 to 10 students depending on the number of challenged students.

The Assessment of progress of each student was undertaken in the Unit Test which was held on 21st & 22nd August, 2020.

Separate question papers were set for each student as per their ability and to the extent the student could learn.

The Sahayogis have put in a lot of hardwork in setting individual question papers and unless one is deeply involved and committed - it is a difficult proposition.

We had given a target to the Sahayogis that question papers should be set in such a manner so that each student should excel.

Actually by doing this we are setting the reference point of the education of each student and subsequent exams would bring out the development of each student as well as the effort put in by each Sahayogi as the results of the students would speak for their efforts. Moreover good result would enhance the self-confidence of these underprivileged children so that they are ready to face subsequent examinations and more importantly bigger challenges of life.

The logistics of the examination was quite complex as each student did have a separate question paper for each subject out of which some students had printed question papers, some had question papers in Braille form and for some it was only in Viva voce form. Moreover for each student the time allowed also varied as per their ability.

The Admin team did a brilliant job by executing the logistics without any major hitch.

It was a treat to see the children with different kinds of challenges appearing in the examinations and the positive spirit each child exhibited did fill our heart with endless joy.

Kudos to the team for setting high standards of Inclusive Education...


Saibal Guha

Voice of World

Mob: +919830006637



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