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Save the Tram - Kolkata

In Kolkata (erstwhile Calcutta) Tram was introduced as a mode of Public Transport way back in 1873. Tram has been a very successful mode of transportation and was an integral part of the lives of Calcuttans for a century and half. It is a very safe & non-polluting transport system and was a pride of Kolkata. Trams were so popular that over the years it has become a Heritage of the City of Joy - Kolkata.

However due to reasons known to a few there is a concerted effort been taken to abolish Tram from Kolkata. Political and Economic reasons are being cited as most important reasons ignoring the Environmental, Safety, Heritage values thus creating a bad precedence.

On completion of 150 years of Introduction of Tram in Kolkata an initiative has been launched by Calcutta Tram Users Association in collaboration with 'Switch On' (an NGO)to organise Tram Yatra (Tram Tour around the city) to spread awareness and sensitize Kolkatans about the issues.

About 25 underprivileged & differently-abled children of 'Voice of World' today participated in such a Tram Yatra which started from Gariahat Tram Depot to Esplanade and to Shyambazar Depot thereafter returning to Gariahat via Esplanade.

The Tram Yatra was greeted with a lot of enthusiasm by the public enroute.

During the fun filled trip the children of 'Voice of World' were also explained about the operations of Tram, it's pros and cons and the trip was very enriching and educative.


Saibal Guha

Voice of World

Mob: 9830006637

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