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Adventure Camp of 30 Underprivileged Children of 'Voice of World' at 8000 ft (Approx.) at Sikhardham

When you are in the Garhwal Himalayas you get pure oxygen to breathe, you have green environment all around to soothe your eyes and if you are in the medium-high altitude you can also get glimpse of the snow capped peaks as an indulgence. The Gigantic Himalayas also shows us how trivial and insignificant we are and thereby educate to keep our inflated larger than life ego grounded. The Medium Altitude Adventure Camp of 'Voice of World' is currently taking place at an altitude of around 8000 feet at Sikhar Dham in the Barnabat Parvat near Uttarkashi. A total of about 30 underprivileged children are part of the Adventure Camp. 10 of them are Differently-abled and thus the camp is an Inclusive one. The youngest kid in the team being 5 yrs old and the eldest one being 13 years. The daily activities, in the camp, starts early in the morning with the Morning Prayers followed by a bout of Physical Exercises. The children then participate in the Kitchen activities also, by peeling off and mincing vegetables whereas the cooking is done by the Adult Volunteers only. By doing this, effort is made to educate the children that each member of the team has a definite role in the group activities. Thereafter, the outdoor activities starts which includes Dance Training, Trekking activities and Traditional Indian Outdoor Games like Kho-Kho, Kabaddi in the afternoon/ evening till sunlight is available. After the sun sets the children offer their Evening Prayers to the Almighty. After that a session of Cultural activities takes places wherein the children do perform as per their ability and proficiency. The seniors then conduct Educational sessions for the kids followed by Dinner. The kids go off to sleep by 9 pm so that they are fresh for the next day activities. This camp, which has commenced on 13th September would go on till 25th September, 2019 when the team would proceed to Haridwar for their journey back to Kolkata. The initial results of this camp is just outstanding with the children actively participating in each and every activity and their development is quite phenomenal thus justifying our efforts. Another team, with High Altitude Trekkers, have already started their Trekking Programme on 17th Sept'19 from Gangotri in their pursuit to scale Rudragaira peak (19090 ft altitude). The details of that Trekking programme would be available only after their return to Uttarkashi. It is always very satisfying when the results speak for themselves with so many underprivileged children making a strong statement to the society which has discarded them. Regards, Saibal Guha Voice of World Mob: 9830006637 Email: Website: Please visit the Facebook Page of 'Voice of World'

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