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Aparna chosen as Mascot for 'Pinkathon, 2019'

Once again Pinkathon is going to paint the city pink on 31st March, 2019.

Every year it is this event where the female population of Kolkata express themselves by taking part in the marathon. This event really emphasizes on improving fitness for women and in the last two years with Pinkathon being staged in Kolkata there has been an improvement in the fitness awareness amongst the women in the city.

The date of this year's event and names of the Mascots of this year's Pinkathon were announced on 5th February, 2019 at a Press Conference.

Famous Model - turned - Actor, Milind Soman has been the main Patron for the event and was obviously the centre of attraction for this year's Press Conference as well.

The Mascots for different categories of this year's Pinkathon were introduced to the public and Press and were handed over their Running Bibs officially.

Aparna Sen, a completely visually challenged female beneficiary of 'Voice of World' has been chosen as the Mascot of the Category of Run for the Visually Challenged.

A strong contingent of about 20 visually challenged female runners from 'Voice of World' have participated in the last two year's Pinkathon and Aparna was a member of that squad on both the occasions.

Aparna addressed the gathering and spoke about her running experience with Pinkathon. She was quite upbeat and her story was quite inspiring.

Aparna's positive attitude and self confidence showed why at 'Voice of World' we consider these underprivileged visually challenged children to be having abilities at par with anybody else.......

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