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Medical Camp, Disability Awareness & Identification Camp at Shankarpur

Medical Facilities are inadequate in the rural Bengal. Thus to provide a bit of support to the existing facilities, a Medical Camp was organized at Shankarpur (near Digha) by 'Voice of World' on 3rd July, 2019. A Disability Awareness and Identification session was also held simultaneously 'Voice of World' has got a a small centre at Shankarpur and both the camps were arranged in that centre only. Shankarpur is a fishing hub and lot of poor fisherman families stay around our centre and quite a few members from the fishermen community got the benefit of the camps. Experienced Doctors did the general health check-up of the people who had come and quite a few medicines were also provided free of cost by Anubhuti Welfare Society, who helps us during Medical camps. There was a reasonable gathering of people and simultaneously the attendees were made aware about different types of Disabilities, about its Early Intervention and general guidelines about handling of Children with Special Needs. After the camp, Pre-owned Garments were also distributed amongst the villagers. The fishermen community were extremely happy to receive all the three services at the same venue and requested us to hold such camps in regular intervals. It was one more effort of 'Voice of World' to reach out to the underprivileged section of the society and offer them services which they are normally deprived off. It really feels good when the beneficiaries are satisfied and leave on a happy note....

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