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State Award, 2018 for philanthropy

It always feels good when any member of a family receives an award and that too a State Award.

Today (3rd December, 2018) being the "International Day for Persons with Disabilities" the Department of Child & Women Development and Social Welfare, Govt. of West Bengal like every year gave away State Award to few individuals or organizations for their contributions in the field of disability.

Today, Shri Utpal Roy, a member of the *'Voice of World Family'* received the State Award for 2018 and did make us proud.

It's not that we work for awards, but recognitions do act as catalyst for further improvement in service. On the other hand it also increases the responsibility towards the society.

Thus with today's recognition, we on behalf of *'Voice of World Family'* do pledge to continue our committed service towards humanity especially the underprivileged.

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