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Voice of World arranges the Wedding of one of its Underprivileged Daughter with a lot of splendor

Sonali & Abhijit are really fortunate to receive blessings and good wishes from so many well-wishers on their Wedding. About 600 guests were present at 'Voice of World' on 11th March, 2019 at the Wedding Ceremony.

All Hindu rituals were observed for the Marriage Ceremony which started with the 'Aiburo Bhaat Ceremony' which happened on 10th March wherein Gargi di fed one of her numerous daughters - Sonali, with her own hand.

In the morning of the Wedding, the Haldi Ceremony happened with a lot of enthusiasm.

Sumptuous lunch was provided to the children which set the tone for celebrations.

To make Sonali ready for the wedding, one of our well-wisher - Soma took the initiative of providing the Bridal Make-up. The make-up and attire was so beautifully done that our daughter was looking like a princess.

The whole premises of 'Voice of World' was decorated and illuminated with colourful lights - all done by our students only.

Throughout the afternoon and evening huge number of guests arrived to bless the couple.

The wedding rituals started at around 7pm with the nuptial knot being tied for their lifetime.

Quite a few live food counters were put up in the open area for entertaining the guests in addition to the full course dinner concluding at the paan counter(betel leaf).

Every effort was made from 'Voice of World' to make this occasion so special that Sonali and Abhijit would remember and speak about it throughout their lifetime. Support was garnered from a lot of well-wishers to make the wedding of the two underprivileged beneficiaries a grand one. Quite a few utulity items were also arranged for couple so that they could to start their married life with a bit of comfort


We thank each of our well-wishers for supporting us in this initiative.

It was an event which gave us joy and sorrow at the same time. Joy for being able to arrange for the wedding of our daughter in a befitting manner and sorrow for the matter that our daughter would be leaving us to stay at her new in-law's place.....

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